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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 22, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. and new information about wt may have happened, just days before his death. prince was found vator at ♪ i never meant to cause you any sorrow ♪ . tonight remembering the for the icon prince. prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at his paisley park studios in chanhassen, minnesota, this morning. >> as the news spread about his sudden death, fans here in the bay area and around the world shared their memories of the singer. one colorful tribute was shining bright in the east bay tonight. oracle was lit up in purple. prince performed there in the last month.
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prince was courtside for the warriors/thunders game also at oracle. prince performed a number of shows in recent weeks and tonight a disturbing report is surfacing about what happened six days before he died. veronica de la cruz is here with the details. >> that's right, liz. tonight tmz is reporting prince's plane made an emergency landing last week in illinois so he could be treated for a drug overdose and not the flu. neither investigators, nor prince's reps are commenting. the artist was a well known tee totaller throughout his career. as we await the cause of death, fans remember a legend. tonight in prince's hometown in minneapolis, thousands of fans crowded the park downtown to pay tribute. >> we are gathered here today. >> prince died this morning in his suburban minneapolis compound after he was found unresponsive in an elevator. ifer adler/ceo, harmonia "i'm honored everyday to ben this space that's filled wi such c everyone that work ♪
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purple rain purple rain ♪ . >> born prince rodgers nelson, the pop -- rogers nelson, the pop star performed in the bay area just a few weeks ago. from his music style to his fashion, fans say he'll be remembered for rewriting the rule book. >> sex basically permeated everything that he did. >> he was exciting and kind of dangerous and this is like he's 5' 2 and he's this monster on the pop culture scene. he's an icon in fashion and music and in style in every truest sense of the word. >> prince got his start here in the bay area behind these doors in sausalito. the 19-year-old from minnesota recorded his first album for you. >> i'm honored every day to be in this space that's filled with such creative energy and i think everybody that works here and we've done everything that we can to restore and bring
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creative musical energy back into this world. >> like so many fans you saw concerts. >> yeah, i did. i have the good fortune of seeing him three times. the first time i was in atlanta and i was working at cnn at the time. i remember being so blown away by a, what a good performer he was, but b, how he could really make you feel like you were the only person in the room. so much so that i thought he was flirting with me. the next morning i went to work and in the makeup room i heard other girls talk about how oh, i went to the prince show last night and he was flirting with me. he made eye contact and i was thinking no, no, no he was flirting with me. the man had the ability to really connect with his audience. >> charisma. >> it was special. he'll be missed. well, only on 5 tonight a bay area dj opening up about an experience many only dream
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about, performing with prince. kpix5's joe vazquez is live at city hall dressed in purple tonight. >> reporter: there's a small crowd gathered here to remember prince at city hall, but this news hits especially hard to a woman who was recently hand picked by prince to go on tour on stage with him. it was her big break and now heartbreak. sang that the first time, ie 'wow! he sang >> it just crushed me. ant to." and every show he comes out ande asks the do you think i mean it crushed me and i was just beginning to -- i mean i can't even explain the experience that i've had with him in the short time. >> reporter: pam warren is owner of a catering business by day. by night she is pam the funkstress, a very popular dj of the highest caliber. >> we just had some kind of musical connection together. >> reporter: when prince came to town in march, he discovered her, asked her to play at an after party. >> it was just a keyboard and
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he's bop, bop, bomb, bop, bop, bop -- bop, bop, bop, he hit some keys it was just a one man show and he said dj, give me a scratch and i gave him a scratch and he looked up. it was such a connection. >> reporter: he was so impressed he asked her to join him on stage on tour and renicknamed her purple pam turntable queen. he would sing turntable queen, you can scratch if you want to and when he did that the first time, i felt special like wow, he sang to me and every show he asked the crowd what do you think of the dj and everybody's response was amazing. he said okay. and then last time when he asked that, he said now that's my dj. you know what's really killing me right now? i go home today and these come in the mail and they were my personalized purple records. here i am and i was ready to play for these to show prince
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and i can't now. you know, this hurts me, you know. this right here, to know that i won't be able to play these for him anymore. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. >> president obama paid his respects by quoting prince. a strong spirit transcends rules prince once said. the president added nobody's spirit was stronger, bolder or more creative. >> prince was once engaged to oakland singer sheila e. she tweeted my heart is broken. there are no words. i love you. from elton john, the greatest performer i've ever seen. prince isn't just remembered for his music. coming up in 12 minutes the pop icon's powerful impact on children here in the bay area through tech. let's take a live look outside, dry for now in san francisco, but a storm is moving in and, paul, a wet commute for the morning. >> it is. the rain is really picking up in intensity to our north, a
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sign tomorrow morning will be quite soggy. let's look at kpix5 hi-def doppler, all this yellow, orange and red south and west of awe reek awe, north and west of mendocino and -- eureka, north and west of mendocino toward ft. bragg, a few hundredths inch around santa rosa, but the heavy stuff does not get here till after midnight. futurecast at 2:00 it knocks on sonoma county's door, works its way south. right as the morning commute gets going the rain is heaviest and a break late morning. there's more rain in the afternoon. coming up we'll talk about thunderstorms and if any of this will impact your outdoor weekend plans. that's coming up in about 10 minutes. >> paul, thank you. in san francisco part of sacramento street is shut down after officials discovered a sinkhole between baker and lyons street. crews were called out this afternoon to repair a hole in the asphalt, but when they started, the hole kept getting bigger and bigger. utility officials later determined there was a broken
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sewer pipe. >> the sinkhole is localized to the middle of the street. the homes are not affected. crews will be here tonight assisting anyone that wants to come in and out of these homes with their cars on their driveways and crews will be here to assist them. >> officials say sewer repairs typically take two to three days. they'll have a better idea exactly how long the repairs will take tomorrow morning when they start their site assessment. san francisco's d.a. accused of getting drunk and making racist remarks when he was the city's police chief. it has to do with a dinner five years ago. tonight we have the video deposition from one of the men who was there. he says george gascon had had several glasses of red wine when he was discussing officers he used to work with at the lapd. >> he would refer to these black officers as those people and it was in a negative context in which he was talking about the black officers. with the chief of police referring to people in that
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context was certainly inappropriate and so unexpected that it just made my jaw drop. >> retired police officer christopher broken gave the deposition to the san francisco -- brean gave the deposition to the san francisco police officers association. we reached out to the district attorney's office for comment. they said they wouldn't comment on anything they hadn't seen. a lawsuit settled for uber drivers in california and massachusetts will keep uber drivers as independent contractors. under the settlement uber will pay up to $100 million to those drivers and allow them to solicit tips from riders. the agreement would spare uber from a jury trial that was scheduled for june in san francisco. another black eye for uc berkeley in its handling of sexual assault cases, tonight a crew coach being investigated. a former female crew member said she approached coach nike teddy about being assault -- mike teddy about being assaulted at a party in 2013 by one of the male rowers.
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instead of reporting it she said teddy told her to stop crying. in an e-mail to the east bay times teddy says the allegations are completely false and he believes an investigation will prove there. at a church in clayton a new rainbow flag is up tonight, but it's been stolen and vandalized nearly 10 times. da lin tells us about the most recent incident that landed one man with a hate crime charge. n vall byterian church >> reporter: clayton valley presbyterian raised the rain bow flag six months ago to show unity and inclusion. instead it's been the target of hate. >> it's been taken three times, once on sunday and twice on tuesday. i mean that's three times within a very short period of time. before then it was about once a month. >> reporter: pastor barbara barkley took photos of two men she said stealing the flag sunday. a man actually climbed the cross to take it down. a church member replaces it every time it's stolen, but someone came back tuesday morning and afternoon both times burning the flag. the person also left a message that reads all evil will be
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eradicated. >> the implication is that lgbtq people are evil and that they will be wiped out. >> reporter: with the help of witnesses clayton police arrested two people. prosecutors are charging one of them, 22-year-old john hurst of concord, with hate crime, arson and vandalism. police released the other man. >> it's been surprising to me how much anger and hate this brings about. >> reporter: i went to the suspect's home and talked to his father. the father is aware of the arrest but says he's not sure why his son burned the flag. as for the church, the pastor is ready to forgive and would like to talk to the suspects. >> we are going to approach even those people who do this kind of thing with love, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation. >> reporter: even with the arrests the pastor suspects this won't be the last time someone will vandalize the flag. in clayton i'm da lin, kpix5. this bay area mother is murdered, her 2-year-old
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daughter missing. tonight how this piece of plywood could help crack the case. it's formal and fancy and neighbors are fired up, why this exclusive bay area club is ruffling some feathers tonight. >> is this illegal? tonight why this christian cross is at the ,,,,,,
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it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. murder of her mother. emily turner with the evidence san lice want you to see a piece of wood could provide answers in the search for a missing 2-year-old girl and the murder of her mother.
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emily turner with the information san francisco police want you to see tonight. >> reporter: take a close look at this piece of plywood. police need your help identifying where it came from and who had it last before it covers this shallow grave in mclaren park hiding the body of nicole fitts. >> the plywood has spray painted markings on it which we hope someone may recognize. these markings may be construction related or even graffiti, but it is our hope someone will recognize them. >> reporter: while the murder investigation moves forward the main focus of police is finding nicole's daughter, 2 1/2-year- old arianna fitts reported missing april 5th. >> we just want to help bring arianna home. >> reporter: police believe arianna is still alive and could be anywhere in the state. they've brought in the fbi, served at least four search warrants and collected more than 30,000 pieces of evidence, but none of them offer the answers nicole's friends and family so desperately seek. >> we already lost nicole.
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she was a really good friend and co-worker. so we just want to help bring arianna home. >> reporter: in san francisco emily turn earn, kpix5. a bay area atheist backed by a secular group is suing the city of santa clara all over this 14-foot granite cross at a city owned park. the freedom from religion foundation says that the symbol is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. the organization is based in wisconsin but says it filed the lawsuit on behalf of a santa clara resident. commemorates a for >> we only get involved when local members contact us about something that's going on in their community. so it's not an outside group that's coming in to rile up the community. >> the city says that the cross commemorates a former 18th century spanish mission that once stood at that site. a private social club for techies is ruffling some feathers on the peninsula tonight.
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kpix5's mark sayre explains why some neighbors aren't so crazy about the cuckoo's nest club. >> reporter: it extends into residential neighborhoods across the creek into neighboring fallow alto. the cuckoo's nest sits in the back of this office building. the club's website bills it as a private location for tech entrepreneurs and investors to mingle and share ideas, but people who live nearby say sometimes private events are so loud the noise can be heard all the way across san francisco creek into palo alto. gary britain lives directly across the street from the outdoor patio. >> there's music over there. i've noticed there's music over there. they're partying and playing music. >> reporter: for about two years the club has hosted events with temporary permits, but now in this filing with the step the club is asking for a permanent -- city the club is asking for a permanent use permit to serve alcohol and
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host social events in what is currently zoned as an administrative and professional district. some members are venting in online forms of one writes there goes the willows neighborhood. this is a really bad idea. as for gary britain? >> i'm from santa cruz and i'm lenient. >> reporter: so as long as they keep it down. >> as long as they keep it down, it's fine as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: we did make multiple attempts to contact the managing partner of the cuckoo's nest and have not yet received a reply. written comments are being taken on this application through the end of this month. more on the story everybody has been talking about all day, the death of prince. look at the cover of next week's new yorker. the artist says needless to say the title is purple rain. prince wasn't just a music icon. he was also a huge add --
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advocate for black youth. kpix5's andria borba on what prince did for kids here in the bay area. >> reporter: a tribute to prince's musical vision on the marquee. just up broadway prince's vision for empowering black youth sprang to life. >> we the jury found george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: it all started july, 2013 when george zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. it was a verdict that angered cnn contributor van jones. >> van was angry and he says it's just racism and prince said maybe, but it could also be that we're not turning out enough black mark zuckerbergs. >> reporter: that's how yes we code was born and van hooked up with keno labs. >> we focus on high potential low opportunity youth. so we want the kids who normally won't have access to this and our intention is to expose them to coding and careers and the nuts and bolts of what it takes. >> reporter: the first hack-a- thon was held here in impact
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oakland in the winter of 2014 paid for by prince. it focused on creating social justice apps that could have saved trayvon. on cnn today van said prince's legacy isn't just musical. >> he's a humanitarian first and foremost. he's not the kind of friend that was there for you when you don't need him. but if you do need him, he is there 1,000% whether you know him or not. there are people right now who have solar panels on their houses in oakland, california, that prince paid for and they don't even know it. >> reporter: the rhythm of musical notes and the rhythm of coding a new life opportunity maybe aren't as disconnected as they sound. >> the smallest comment or something that's off the top of their heads that they share with one person can cause this ripple effect. >> reporter: in oakland andria borba, kpix5. there is rain on the radar right now. kpix5 hi-def doppler tracking some pretty heavy rain about six hours away from making it to the bay area. tomorrow morning the first half
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of the day has the potential to be rather wet. we could use as much rain as we can get. we'll get some tomorrow. great shots from chopper 5. look at all the different cloud layers, a fantastic shot of the bay and bay area, mild night, 62 in concord, san francisco and san jose, oakland 63. tonight only dropping a few degrees below 60, but the big story is the rain that will be around. sunrise 6:24, fremont 57, napa 55 degrees. if you're a sports fan maybe heading to at&t park tomorrow night, the rain should be finished. we will get the game in hosting the marlins but more importantly hosting barry bonds, back to san francisco tomorrow night. we will get the game in, but the first half of the day is rather wet. see this red right here? very active energized jet stream and that jet stream energy will pile into the northern bay in california. we get the front first and then we clear thing out. we'll get the front.
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then the trailing area of low pressure will pass over the bay area. kind of a one-two punch, the first punch at about 4:00 tomorrow morning. then a break and sunshine around 9:00 or 10:00. look what moves in before lunchtime, even more rainfall, scattered showers with the potential for small hail, maybe a rumble of thunder or two in the afternoon. that will be friday afternoon. by saturday morning we clear things out. everything should be fine, dry, pleasant for your weekend. tomorrow buffaloy when it comes to the weather. showers over-- bumpy when it comes to the weather. showers overnight, slight chance of a late day thunderstorm, but the weekend is dry with seasonal temperatures. tomorrow wet and windy in the morning, oakland 64, san jose 67 the high, vallejo 62 and san francisco only 60 degrees. weekend, not that warm but dry, partly sunny saturday, mostly sunny sunday, 60s near the bay, low 70s inland. we stay dry through tuesday. we have more rain coming next wednesday and next thursday, more showers likely.
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the wettest day by far ,,,,,,,,
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the "solar impulse 2" is at history in the sky as a sun powered plane makes its way to mountain view. >> the solar impulse 2 is attempting to fly around the world without fuel, just solar power. the plane took off this morning from hawaii. it's expected to land at moffat field on saturday. no steph curry and still the warriors bench, they were deep enough to be in position to pull this one out in houston in game ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nba playoffs up top. here's the big picture. there's going to be a warriors/rockets game five next wednesday at oracle. now without the mvp here's how game three went down. steph curry watched the game from the locker room, held out for precaution. quick start rockets jason terry, little side pocket three. rockets built a 15 point lead, led as much as 17, but here's the game. very end a houston turnover. ball knocked away to ian clark who hit and gave the doves a lead by one, but on the very next possession james harden lost his man. he hits. he was the best guard on the floor. rockets by one. he scored 35. doves a good chance to win it, but look what happened. ball well. & the desperate ball bounced off of draymond green's leg. warriors didn't shoot the ball very well and hey, the desperate team won tonight. houston 97-96. doves series lead cut 2-1 with
2:06 am
game four at 12:30 sunday. >> i'm not really encouraged. this is how we're supposed to play. we should actually play better. we made too many mistakes. we had a lot of good individual performances, but we got to play better as a time. so whether steph is here or not. >> the mvp is out and 30 points a game, we're going to miss that, but that means there's smaller margin for error. we have to do all the little things. we can't beat ourselves. i think we did that tonight as a team. gee, i guess the a's and yankees weren't much of a draw, but we have back to back pitches and back to back home runs, khris davis and coco crisp gave the a's a 4-3 lead and the a's are 6-0 on the road. this is about as good as it looked at third and king in the city. giants got swept by the d- backs, a 4th inning blast off
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johnny cueto breaking a 2-2 tie. diamondbacks won, a four game sweep as the giants now have lost eight of their last nine. tomorrow barry lamar bonds at third and king street tomorrow, the hitting coach for the marlins. >> paul was all over that, too. a lot of expectations. >> it's going to be a zoo tomorrow in the visitors dugout pregame. >> hope it turns the giants ,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert is next, tom hanks on the show. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a good night! ♪
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